CPP General Terms of Business

Our goal


Our company CPP Consulting SARL is dedicated to bringing top quality advice and service, to private individuals and to corporate clients, in all fields of patrimonial protection, risk cover and pension planning.


CPP Consulting is a limited liability company under Swiss law, registered in Geneva commercial register under no. CHE-360-997-061, and with the regulatory authority for financial advisors, FINMA.


CPP Consulting is also FINSA compliant and is registered with ARIF (Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers), as well as with FINSOM mediation office.


CPP Consulting holds a professional liability policy with AIG Insurance for CHF.2’000’000 per claim under policy number ZF33A01634.


The company can undertake all measures necessary to fulfil the terms of business agreed with our client.


The fields of advice in which you can mandate CPP Consulting are, among others:


  • An analysis of your state, professional and private insurance cover
  • A complete retirement planning analysis
  • Advice on life insurance within pillars 3A and 3B
  • Advice on bank 3A solutions
  • Advice on investments
  • Advice to pension funds and their members
  • Organizing and managing employee occupational benefits programs
  • Optimisation of a vested benefit solution
  • Repurchasing lacking contribution years in the second pillar (buybacks)
  • Advice and assistance in obtaining a mortgage, or in the sales or acquisition of real estate
  • Advice on tax issues, inheritance, matrimonial and family legislation issues
  • Assistance in administrative tasks in setting up companies
  • Assisting in AVS, Tax at source etc.
  • Putting in place our recommendations


In special or complex situations, CPP Consulting may call on the services of external specialists (for example, lawyer, notary or tax expert). In such cases CPP Consulting will recommend one of its partners and will supply an indicative cost for the service.


Your advantages


You have access to independent and impartial advice, of top quality, and decide yourself the field and scope of the mandate you give us. You are free to implement our recommendations with us, or to use your personal advisors.


You will benefit from a personal follow-up during and after the advisory process and implementation of the recommended solutions. CPP Consulting will contact you regularly to ensure that the solutions are constantly in adequation with your personal situation. We would appreciate that you keep us regularly informed of any change of circumstances that would require an update of our evaluation. Our recommendations are generally documented, so that you can refer to them when necessary.


Financial transactions


CPP Consulting does no cash transactions, does not collect premiums, does no asset management, and no financial transactions on the client’s behalf.




CPP Consulting guarantees the respect of laws and rulings on confidential treatment of personal information and will in no case divulge any such information to third parties except when necessary to implement a solution, and with the client’s prior approval.


Our remuneration


To guarantee our independence and impartiality, CPP Consulting works on a fee basis, communicated separately on request.


In certain cases, CPP Consulting receives payment by providers, which are taken into account in our fees. In certain situations, this can result in partial or total compensation with our advisory fees.


In certain cases, CPP Consulting receives recurring commission from providers, which compensate subsequent service to our clients.


Our fees are communicated before the signature of a terms of business agreement.




Our mandate is valid from date of signature for an undetermined period. It can be cancelled, by the client or by CPP, for the end of a month, after one month’s notice.


Registration numbers in the public registers


CPP Conseil:

FINMA: 32513

Euan McIntosh:

FINMA: 12643, CICERO: 16437, ARIF: 46924

Carlos Rodriguez Fuentes:

FINMA: 36138, CICERO: 26599, ARIF: 56401




Our main commercial partners, with whom we hold terms of business are:


Insurance companies (life cover, LPP, mortgages, pillars 3A and 3B)

  • Swiss Life,
  • AXA,
  • Mobilière,
  • Zurich
  • Generali
  • Bâloise
  • Retraites Populaires
  • Rentes Genevoises


Second pillar institutions (occupational benefits, 1E plans, vested benefit solutions)

  • Fondation Elite,
  • Fondations Pens Expert, PensFlex, PensFree, Independent
  • Fondations Safra Sarasin,
  • Fondation Liberty
  • Fondation Profond et Tellco
  • Fondation Open Pension Opsion
  • Rentes Genevoises,
  • Retraites Populaires Vaudoises
  • CCAP Neuchâtel


Banks (vested benefit accounts, 3A accounts, mortgages)

  • Crédit Suisse GE et VD
  • Pictet
  • Lombard & Odier
  • Piguet Galland
  • Crédit Agricole Next Bank
  • Banque Syz
  • Raiffeisen Nyon-La Vallée
  • UBS Nyon
  • BCV Nyon


General (non-life) insurance cover

  • AXA
  • Swica
  • Generali
  • Zurich
  • AIG
  • Mobilière